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Join us for the launch of Canopy’s new Community Forestry School! This is a five-month series that dives into the fundamentals of urban forestry and teaches you how you can bring the benefits of trees to your local community.

Each workshop includes an in-depth session on key topics in urban forestry and concludes with optional trainings to equip you with skills to work with us side-by-side to remedy local inequities in tree canopy cover and access to urban nature.

This first workshop of the series is Community Forestry 101 on Saturday, August 25th from 10-12pm. This is an introductory workshop about urban forestry, what’s going on with trees at the regional and local scale, and what our role is in stewarding this valuable resource.

You will also learn about the upcoming workshops of the Community Forestry School that cover topics such as: greening school campuses to promote environmental literacy among the next generation, engaging the community members in citizen science projects to re-oak Silicon Valley, andthe best tree selection and planting methods for proper establishment and survival of city trees.

To learn more and sign up, visit! We hope you will join us!

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