Join Habitat GSF at Great Green Weekend!
Organized by Habitat for Humanity GSF

Adam Rodgers Park 94124
10/12/18 to 10/13/18
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Habitat for Humanity's Neighborhood Revitalization program aims to stem displacement, help low-income residents pass on the legacy of affordable homeownership to their families, and maintain safe communal green spaces for all. As our park and garden beautification program approaches the end of the year, join us for our big sendoff before the rainy season, at Great Green Weekend!

Friday 10/12/18: Quesada Gardens (9am--1pm)
Saturday 10/13/18: Adam Rogers Park (9am--1pm)

On Friday October 12th and Saturday October 13th, we'll be helping out across multiple parks and community gardens in the Bayview. Some of the work includes weeding, pruning shrubs and trees, removing brush and debris, spreading mulch, planting, and general garden maintenance.

Friday's meetup: Quesada Gardens
Saturday's meetup: Adam Rogers Park

We'll have light breakfast fare available by 9am on each day, with orientation starting at 9:30. We'll break up into smaller groups led by Habitat staff to nearby community gardens, with the remainder staying at the original meetup location. Then the blitz beautification begins!

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