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Our CSR Mission:

training-hipaa.net, one of the strongest wings of our company, the Supremus Group is basically into providing HIPAA related training to all health care entities at different levels. Our unique training methodologies, different training methods, and flexible courses make us one of the strongest contenders in this field. Founded in the year 2006 with the intention of providing comprehensive HIPAA training to help the healthcare organizations meet their compliance standards, we have come a long way by venturing out into other streams of HIPAA training that focus on the security and privacy aspects at different levels. If you are a Covered Entity or a Business Associate, we can give you direction, support, and products to get you compliant, at a quick pace. We have a huge client base (view client page) in various fields and a number of testimonials (view testimonial page) which is a proof that we are “leaders in HIPAA training”. https://www.training-hipaa.net/