MOUSE Squad Student Tech

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Our Mission:
MOUSE Squad of California (MSCA)'s mission is to provide underserved youth access to 21st century technology education necessary for success in today's global economy, while increasing schools and community sites’ capacity to effectively integrate technology for use in teaching and learning.

MOUSE Squad of California's award-winning Student Tech Leadership Program empowers underserved youth to develop critical 21st century skills through hands-on, collaborative, technology-based learning experiences. Students apply their acquired skills through relevant community service activities, providing much needed on-site technical support and tech projects in their school and broader community. Our comprehensive program includes an online curriculum, hands-on activities and service-learning projects that help students connect learning to real-world applications. Integral to our program are volunteers! MOUSE Squad students connect with caring adult volunteers as positive role models who provide valuable mentoring and model professional attributes.


Current and Upcoming Opportunities