Youth Symphony Media

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Our Mission:
We are looking for volunteers (13 and up) to help us interviewing the local symphonies and young musicians. The next upcoming event is interviewing San Francisco Symphony's concert. This would be a great opportunity for you to work with world-class media, symphonies and musicians. For now, we need help with the video shooting. So if you know how to take videos (professional will be a plus), and are willing to volunteer for a few hours once or twice per month, contact us as soon as possible, because the next event is coming soon.

Youth Symphony Media (YSM), founded in 2014 in San Francisco Bay Area, CA, is one of the first online media for young classical musicians in the world. We provide an educational online media community that let's everyone share their musical experience and teamwork, such as videos, audios and stories. We also provide daily newsletter to our members, including high-quality online music videos, interesting stories about young musicians, news & press of upcoming events and competitions.


Current and Upcoming Opportunities