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Our Mission:
SaveABunny is an award-winning, 501c3, nonprofit rabbit rescue organization based in Northern California. We work with over 30 shelters to make sure abandoned, abused and neglected rabbits get the second chance they deserve. In addition to helping adoptable rabbits find their forever homes, we specialize in healing physically wounded and emotionally traumatized rabbits by integrating extraordinary Western veterinary care with Eastern healing arts.

SaveABunny was founded in 1999 and since that time we have been involved with the life-saving rescues of close to 5,000 rabbits. Yet, we are still a small scrappy, resourceful and volunteer-based group. We value your involvement, compassion and support! Rescue work is both heartbreaking and hopeful. We believe that the humane and responsible treatment of animals reduces the number of unwanted and homeless animals and contributes to a more tolerant and compassionate society. We serve both the people and animals in the community through adoption, advocacy, education, outreach and rescue options. We believe that all companion rabbits are worthy of a safe, loving home regardless of breed purity, pedigree, or temperament. We are against the use of rabbits for meat or fur. We encourage people to adopt spayed or neutered rabbits from shelters and rescue groups, such as SaveABunny, rather than purchasing an animal from a breeder or pet store.

Current and Upcoming Opportunities