About Us

GoVoluntr is a social network that connects volunteers, non-profits, and businesses together into an engaging community of Do Goodrs. We match individuals with volunteer opportunities and track their service hours through our VID (Volunteer ID) system. Those tracked hours can then be shared with their connections and other social sites to share their good deeds and help spread the word about their favorite causes.

The real fun begins when volunteers start accumulating hours. Do Goodrs earn VPins (Volunteer Pins) and points to showcase and reward their community stewardship and activity! Points can be exchanged for rewards from local merchants and favorite brands to get our Do Goodrs real-world prizes!

GoVoluntr provides a new way for businesses to interact with non-profits and champion causes in their community. We give businesses a turn-key employee volunteer program, a powerful cause-related marketing platform, and on-demand reporting of all their activity.

We make it easy for volunteers, non-profits, and businesses to do good.

The Team

Young Young Han ‐ Young possesses an extensive background in sales and management, refining his expertise with Fortune 500 companies and the school of hard knocks. As a graduate of the San Jose State University Business Marketing program, Young is well versed in marketing and business theory and enjoys applying this knowledge to businesses big and small. He sold his first business at 23. In his spare time he likes to give back to the community and make the angels weep with his musical gifts.

Kevin Kevin Zittle ‐ Kevin has an eye for beauty and a penchant for success. As Creative Director of his own design studio, Kevin has helped clients like Apple and Cisco look good. He's truly an artist at heart and a maniacal technical genius to those who don’t know better. In his spare time, Kevin collects fine guitars, steeps some wicked tea, and criticizes bad typography.

Mj Michael Fogelstrom ‐ MJ has a strong background in government administration, a knack for trying new things, and an insatiable appetite for long nights. As a former public sector employee in a down economy, MJ knows how to do more with less money while optimizing operations. With a Masters of Public Administration from USC, MJ brings a fresh perspective to the way startups work. When he's not working, MJ spends a lot of time chasing after his chocolate labrador puppy, Dakota.

GoVoluntr – Good for All.