Doing good and making money are no
longer two different things.

Let us show you how.

Employee Volunteer

Experience the benefits of
employee volunteerism.

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Volunteer Rewards

Drive traffic to your business by
promoting volunteerism.

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Community Engagement

Learn what causes and organizations
your employees care about.

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Why have a volunteer program?

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Employees are twice as likely to be highly
satisfied with their employers while volunteering.

Decrease In Absenteeism

Implementing a volunteer program decreases
your absenteeism by up to 83% in the workplace.

Higher Retention Rates

Engaged employees are 87% more likely to stay
on with your company year over year.

Increase In Morale

Volunteering reduces costs and increases
effectiveness of team building efforts.

Recruit Top Talent

1/2 of interviewees ask about volunteer
programs during the hiring process.

Brand Your Business

Your employees showcase that you care about
the community every time they volunteer.

Know your employees.

Who Do They Support?

Know what causes and non-profits your
employees care about and support.

Who Do You Support?

Donate to the causes and organizations
that your employees support.


Utilize data to align your employee volunteer
program with your company values.


Instantly know and showcase your company's
community engagement efforts.

By Departments

Take a closer look and see what departments are
leading in community engagement.

By Employee

Take it even further by instantly learning who's
volunteering, where, and how often.