Compassionate BodyWorkers Wanted
Organized by Charlotte Maxwell Clinic

Oakland, CA 94612
4/1/18 to 4/1/22
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About this Opportunity

Charlotte Maxwell Clinic is looking for compassionate massage therapists to join our wonderful community.

Volunteer with Charlotte Maxwell Clinic, a state licensed primary care clinic, to provide free massage treatments to low-income women with cancer. Connect with over 200 volunteers who provide services like acupuncture, acupressure, lymph drainage, guided imagery, herbalism, guided imagery, reiki, homeopathy, nutrition and exercising counseling at our clinic. Charlotte Maxwell Clinic has over 26 years of experience providing integrative medical treatments. We offer volunteer orientation, training, and other volunteer educational opportunities. Charlotte Maxwell Clinic is one of the only places in the Bay Area where women undergoing the terrible rigors of cancer and poverty will be touched with kindness, compassion and skill.

Women of color and cancer survivors are especially welcome. Minimum volunteer commitment is one shift per month for one year.

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