Doing good just got a
whole lot more fun.

Let us show you how.

Volunteer Sourcing

Post opportunities online and forget
about clipboards and phone calls.

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Data Tracking

Track and report on all the
volunteer work in your organization.

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Reward Volunteerism

Approve service hours and we'll
reward your volunteers at no cost.

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Why Recruit Volunteers Online?

Streamline Recruitment

Alleviate the need for a back-and-fourth
dialogue to place volunteers.

Always Available

Accessible to potential volunteers
anytime of the day, even when you're not.

Broad Audience

Reach multiple demographics of
volunteers at once.

Pro Bono Service

Target volunteers with
professional skill sets.

Social Media Reach

55% of Millennials rely on social media
to get information about non-profits.

Companies Use It

It's a critical component to creating
new corporate partnerships.

Why Have a Volunteer Rewards Program?

Build A Champion Volunteer

Recognize and reward your volunteers
to keep them engaged.

Engage the Business Community

Connect with companies looking
to support your cause.

We Know You Want To

Only 1/3 of charities formally
recognize their volunteers.

Double The Impact

Points can be redeemed for donations
back to your organization.

The Price Is Right

Our program is absolutely free!
Yesterday, today, and forever.

Support Local Business

Rewarding your volunteers helps
boost your local economy.