Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful

San Jose, CA   |  [email protected]  |  408-372-7053
Our Mission:
Our vision is a vibrant Coyote Creek: clean waters, abundant wildlife, and natural beauty that everyone can enjoy. We’re accomplishing this by both mobilizing community resources and participation, and by engaging community members to become the creek’s advocates and caretakers.

Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful has been hosting cleanups in Coyote Creek since 2014, with over 3000 volunteer hours and 40 tons of trash removed in our first year. Working with our partners, we give people the opportunity to make a difference by taking action towards restoring Coyote Creek. Thinking cyclically about engaging the greater Coyote Creek community, people take care of the creek, which leads to gaining a further understanding of the creek, which leads to enjoyment and usage of the creek, which leads people back to caring for the creek. All these activities engage people to become the creek's advocates and caretakers.

Current and Upcoming Opportunities