School of Arts and Culture @ MHP

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Our Mission:
At the School of Arts and Culture at MHP we see the arts as powerful vehicles for human development and social transformation—by creating nurturing communities for children, especially those at risk. We work to create a deep alignment in social and artistic goals. Our task is not to integrate the goals of social transformation and artistic excellence—but to, in the words of our colleagues in the El Sistema movement “reimagine them as one goal.” Performance and exhibition is emphasized with the goal of working together toward a communal and joyful experience of creating art together—not as competitive pressure to see who is best. We are proud to offer children and the community an inspiring space of professional caliber for performance and exhibition as a vehicle to make their learning visible.

Creativity and innovation are the lifeblood of our economy. Arts and creative experiences help children develop critical thinking, communication and collaborative skills Arts and creative experiences enhance children’s self esteem, cross cultural understanding, empathy and connection to their community and each other. Our children have inequitable access to arts and creative experiences and no child should be turned away for lack of resources.

Current and Upcoming Opportunities