Charlotte Maxwell Clinic

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Our Mission:
Charlotte Maxwell Clinic's mission is to provide access to integrative medical treatment for women with cancer. By providing these services, we hope to empower women to have control over their lives and healthcare choices. Through this work, we will also educate the community at large about cancer and about healthcare as a human right. The clinic was founded specifically to treat women because of the particular social, economic, and political realities women face in our society and in relation to the healthcare system.

Charlotte Maxwell Clinic is an integrative oncology clinic in downtown Oakland, offering free medical treatment to low-income women with cancer.Our services help our clients cope with cancer symptoms and with the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Charlotte Maxwell Clinic also provides safety-net social services to address the array of practical, financial and social challenges that arise while women are fighting cancer. We have been providing these vital services since 1991. We rely on over 200 volunteers to serve over 400 clients annually. We welcome volunteers, any information you can share about our clinic, and donations! Our minimum volunteer volunteer commitment is one shift per month for one year. Apply to volunteer here: Find out other ways you can help Charlotte Maxwell Clinic here:

Current and Upcoming Opportunities