Third Street Community Center

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Our Mission:
The Third Street Community Center is a place where people of all ages and backgrounds are actively engaged in enriching themselves and their community through education, arts, technology and service.

Our goal, to have every child strive for a college education, is ambitious and requires a strong academic foundation and building youth assets so children have the confidence, skills, and motivation to pursue a college education. To accomplish this goal, the Third Street Community Center developed a unique whole child, whole family, whole community approach to engaging families, and adopted project-based learning as our primary educational strategy. Project-based learning is an educational strategy that engages children through hands-on activities. This interactive approach enhances learning by helping children make connections between complex math or science and every day life. We utilize this strategy in all our youth programs. Our whole child, whole family, and whole community approach takes into account the importance of volunteers in the lives and education of children. Each year, our agency welcomes over 125 volunteers who serve as mentors, tutors, positive role models, and more. Our volunteers create an energetic learning environment that helps children envision the path towards a college education. The Third Street Community Center is inclusive of the many diverse cultures that live, go to school, and work in San José. Diversity is celebrated and our accomplishments are due in part to our willingness to embrace diversity as an asset.

Current and Upcoming Opportunities