Ada's Cafe

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Our Mission:
Ada's Cafe and Catering is a 501(c)3, non-profit corporation dedicated to hiring, training and empowering people with disabilities in our commercial food service business. Ada's mission is also to serve great food! We know our delicious food will bring our community together in our unique social entrepreneurial business. Ada's will also engage local youth to participate in Cafe operations as job buddies with our disabled employees. Ada's believes that youth engaged in meaningful work and life experiences will feel more connected to their communities. Our goal is to bring people together that usually don't have an opportunity to connect. Ada’s Café is committed to becoming the focal point and heart of the new Mitchell Park Community Center (MPCC) by providing excellent food, drinks and service in a warm and welcoming environment. Ada’s will achieve its success by remaining true to its core values of (1) Commercial Success, (2) Community Values, and (3) Compassionate Employment, what we like to call the 3 C’s. The 3 C’s are interdependent and necessary for us to achieve our goals. We will be successful because we run Ada’s as a serious business. Ada’s will also achieve success because we understand and celebrate being part of our local community. Our compassionate employment goals will help build community by fostering understanding and collaboration. We believe in the synergy of the 3C’s.

Ada's Café is a 501(c)3 organization, created in 2008, whose mission is training employing and empowering people with disabilities in a commercial food service environment. Through its catering business and its soon to be opened café operation at the Mitchell Park Library and Community Center in Palo Alto, Ada's provides jobs for the disabled while creating numerous employment and internship opportunities for local teens and college students interested in the mission of Ada's Café.

Current and Upcoming Opportunities