Good Karma Bikes

San Jose, CA   |  go[email protected]  |  408-291-0501
Our Mission:
To provide safe, reliable bicycle transportation to homeless, low-wage workers, students, veterans, youth and everyone whose bicycle is their primary transportation.

We have Repair Clinics on all Saturdays, rain or shine at our shop. We have free bicycle repair classes the first Friday of the month. We also support our selves with our full-service preowned bike shop. All preowned bicycles are rigorously rehabilitated with our multipoint checklist and QC'd by experienced experts. Shop hours are Tuesday through Friday 2PM to 6PM. Saturdays 10AM to 4PM. Wednesdays, are available to rent our full-function workstations for $10 per hour. Good Karma Bikes 345 Sunol Street San Jose, CA 95126 408-291-0501

Current and Upcoming Opportunities