Peninsula Bridge

Menlo Park, CA   |  [email protected]  |  650-701-7291
Our Mission:
The mission of Peninsula Bridge is to promote academic and personal success for motivated middle school students from under-resourced communities.

Peninsula Bridge was founded in 1989 by a group of deeply committed community members who shared a vision of equal educational access for all children who are motivated to succeed in school. They knew as research confirms that middle school is the linchpin of K-12 education and decided to focus their efforts on rising fifth through eighth graders. With strong connections to independent schools, the founders thought to use their empty campuses to host summer programs for under-served middle school youth. Subsequently, their vision of bringing independent and public schools together to benefit low-income students materialized and became today’s Peninsula Bridge. Over twenty years later, the program they envisioned is a highly respected, innovative academic and enrichment program that served 402 middle school youth on nine independent host school sites last summer. Since its beginnings, Peninsula Bridge has dramatically affected the lives of over 6,000 under-served students and their families. By preventing summer learning loss over four consecutive summers, we hope to leverage our motivated middle school students’ elementary success to college track access and success in high school. Our alumni complete Algebra I in middle school at nearly three times the rate of their same age peers, and the majority enroll in college prep language arts in ninth grade.

Current and Upcoming Opportunities