Renegade Theatre Experiment

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Our Mission:
Through our commitment to forward-thinking performance, RTE builds creative partnerships with aspiring and established artists to bring edgy, unique, outstanding theatre to the Bay Area.

Renegade Theatre Experimentâ„¢ unites a group of artists with a shared desire to express their identities through a variety of performance techniques. As a collective, Renegade thrives on the initiative of its members in finding and creating bold works of art which speak loudly to the Renegade community and the Bay Area. RTE performs works of intellect and catharsis which stimulate the mind and the heart, the body and the soul. Drama, music, dance, and improvisation provide opportunities to share in the experience of being human: to think, to cry, to rage, to laugh, to love, to wonder. Renegade is about joining tradition with innovation, exploring boundaries, meeting challenges-in short, about doing. As such, RTE expects its members and its audiences to learn and grow. In RTE's universe, audiences and theatre are equally electromagnetic. Renegade seeks ways to bring the theatre to the audience as much as the audience to the theatre. RTE began in May 2001 as a group of friends from Santa Clara University joining together to practice our craft. The intent of the group was to help one another prepare for auditions and form a creative community where we could collectively create art. We workshopped audition materials for a couple of months, but then decided that, rather than audition for separate shows, we could put on a show in which we could all participate. RTE incorporated on March 18, 2002 as a California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation and a IRS 501(c)(3) Exempt Organization. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Questions about RTE? Email us at [email protected]

Current and Upcoming Opportunities