Mountain View Whisman School District

Mountain View, CA   |  [email protected]  |  650-526-3500
Our Mission:
Demonstrate, daily, a relentless commitment to the success of every child.

The Mountain View Whisman School District has seven elementary (K-5) and two middle (6-8) schools. Students come from a diverse community, including students of highly educated parents working at local corporations and universities such as Google and Stanford, and a low income, primarily minority population who provide the service workers for businesses and residences within the community. Approximately 43% of our students are considered socioeconomically disadvantaged according to federal free/reduced lunch standards. The population of the Mountain View Whisman School District closely reflects the overall population of the State of California. As of October 2012, District enrollment reflected the following racial/ethnic designations: 45% Latino/Hispanic, 29% White, 15% Asian, 2% African-American, and 9% multiple or other. Forty-one percent of our students are English language learners.

Current and Upcoming Opportunities

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