Oakland Warthogs Youth Rugby

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Our Mission:
The Oakland Warthogs Youth Rugby Program exists to improve the lives and character of young men in Oakland, while motivating them to obtain a college education. Our program teaches young men principles of success through the sport of rugby. They learn the power of teamwork, discipline, hard work, respect, and being a family. Our coaching staff mentors our participants on and off of the rugby pitch. We require a 2.0 minimum grade point average to play in games and we push our players to exceed that requirement in order to improve their chances of being accepted to the college of their choice. A winning record is not our priority, rather a reward to our participants for their hard work and efforts. The vast majority of our participants live in poverty. It is only through fundraising efforts, donations, grants, and sponsorships that our program is able to survive. Each season, we learn from the past season and are committed to continously improving. Each year we are looking to expand our program to more participants. We are also looking to obtain community support to assist us with efforts such as after school tutoring, college applications, grants and scholarship applications, and mentoring. You do not have to be a rugby fan to assist. We only ask that you be determined to make a difference in the lives of our participants, if you are kind enough to donate your time and energy to them. We want the best for each and every one of our participants. If you want and know that you can make a huge difference, please contact Coach Ryan Burke at [email protected], or the Academic Director, Alex Chan at [email protected] Please feel free to email us with any form of support, advice, or suggestions. This is our community and if you have the tools to be successful, why not pass them on with us? Seeing the difference in our boys and knowing that YOU improved a life is so fulfilling and one of the greatest rewards of being alive!

Current and Upcoming Opportunities