Racing Hearts

Palo Alto, CA   |  [email protected]  |  650-308-4183
Our Mission:
Racing Hearts is a proactive health and safety nonprofit which advocates and empowers access to saving lives! We are a 100% volunteer nonprofit. Results: Since 2012, Racing Hearts has completed: Dollar impact: $320,000 People Served: 280,000 AEDs Placed: 153 For every $1 donated, we have leveraged $9 of public funds, meaning a donors impact is magnified 9x fold. We are very appreciative for all the community support! Target demographics: Save Lives! We are a 100% volunteer proactive health and safety nonprofit advocating and empowering access to saving lives with AEDs! Programs: Advocating and Funding Full 5 year 'turn key' life saving heart defibrillator (AED) programs targeting high risk locations in our community. We believe in the standard of care for all and research-based best practices. We address our mission by targeting athletic and sport minded communities and organizations by lending AEDs to athletic events. Such a simple proactive solution to a huge medical problem (Sudden Cardiac Arrest).


Current and Upcoming Opportunities