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Our Mission:
Our Mission: The mission of The Arc San Francisco is to serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by promoting self-determination, dignity and quality of life. Our Vision: A community where disability is a distinction without a difference. Our Values: People First Community Participation Democracy Visionary Leadership Diversity Integrity and Excellence The Arc San Francisco is committed to: Building lasting partnerships with individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, affiliated organizations, and the business community. Enhancing meaning and satisfaction in the lives of those we serve by providing an array of activities and service choices. Dedicating ourselves to adapt and change in response to the needs and desires of our community. Practicing a collaborative team approach in which each employee’s role and contribution is regarded as vital to the success of the agency. Maintaining the highest standard of excellence, individually and as a team. Recognizing that individuals perform best when treated with respect and dignity. Appreciating that expression of differing ideas offers opportunities to build cohesion and unity within the agency. Acting as ambassadors and role models to the community based on our belief in The Arc San Francisco as an example of excellence.

The Arc San Francisco is a non-profit service and advocacy organization for adults with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families living in San Francisco and San Mateo counties. We currently serve a varied group of over 700 clients who, despite their diverse backgrounds, ages and disabilities, are all similar in their desire to live a life of greater self-determination, dignity and quality. Our goal is to provide the supports that enable people with developmental disabilities to maximize their potential, live meaningful lives and become integral members of the community. To that end, we provide a range of services relevant to all areas of adult life, from independent living supports and skills building to employment training and creative expression. As a true community partner, we believe in educational outreach, the power of business partnerships, and the importance of being a reliable resource for families, supporters, public policy makers and all those who share our vision of creating a more informed, diverse and inclusive society.

Current and Upcoming Opportunities