Let It Flow

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Our Mission:
To bring flowing, safe water to people in need.

Our family has walked the road less traveled. We have lived a life that many would consider “outside the box” and have been enlightened and enriched by our experiences. Our choices have led us to live in exotic, remote places that did not always have all of the modern conveniences that most people take for granted like electricity and running water. And although daily tasks can be difficult without electricity, it was the lack of water that proved to be the biggest challenge. Everyday acts like washing our hands, flushing a toilet, or doing laundry became a back-breaking effort as we hand-carried 5 gallon buckets of water to our household. Some days, Nyjah’s back would be so sore that he could not even skate. And although it was a temporary experience for us, we often talked about what it must be like for the unfortunate people that have to walk for miles a day just to get water from a filthy stream. It was through this personal experience that we vowed to one day do something to help these people. That day has come. Nyjah and I have founded Let It Flow, a nonprofit organization with a mission to bring flowing, safe water and sanitation to people in need. We believe that safe water is a fundamental human right. We believe that no other single intervention can provide such substantial benefits to people living in extreme poverty. With water, life can grow and prosper. The reality is that the world is bigger than we are, and a life of service and compassion is the greatest gift we can give to humanity. Please join us in our mission to make a difference.

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