California Native Garden Foundation

San Jose, CA   |  [email protected]  |  4082929993
Our Mission:
. . . to demonstrate the beauty, garden worthiness, and ecological appropriateness of California native gardens.

The California Native Garden Foundation, located at 76 Race Street in San Jose, is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainability and biodiversity through educational programs that focus on gardening with California's native plants. We at CNGF believe that efficient and healthy land use that protects ecosystem services is the key to protecting our planet. We use and promote the use of urban food technology, such as our aquaponics system and vertical gardens, to ensure our diets are healthy for us and the planet. We partner with schools throughout California, obtain grants, and design vegetable and native plant gardens that act as outdoor learning labs for subjects such as environmental science, nutrition, and sustainability. We welcome schools to our garden for field trips and children for summer camp to learn about those subjects while having fun in the beautiful garden. We hold weekly events to educate and bring together our San Jose community. From 10am to 2pm each Saturday, we hold a brunch featuring native edible plants, a CSA farm stand with locally grown organic produce, and a unique sustainability workshop or speaker. All are welcome! For more information, please see our website at cngf.org.

Current and Upcoming Opportunities